2 lut 2012

6 More Weeks of Winter

The groundhog saw his shadow.  That means he is predicting 6 more weeks of winter.  I hope he is wrong and that spring is right around the corner!

1 lut 2012

Groundhog's Day

Groundhog Day is February 2nd. If the groundhog comes out of his hole and sees his shadow, people say that there will be six more weeks of winter , and if he doesn't see his shadow spring will come early.

The groundhog is a small furry animal that lives in holes under the ground.  He sleeps all winter.

We will let you know if the groundhog sees his shadow or not. 


Tom came to my 7th birthday party.

We made crafts at the party.  Tom made a bunny rabbit.

We ate chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Then we got our faces painted.

It was a great birthday party and Tom can't wait to have his own party someday.


Tom is my friend.

We went to a basketball game at the high school.

My favorite food is turkey.

I like to draw.

I like to play superheroes.


Tom went home with me on Friday.  We played hula hoop.

My favorite food is meatloaf.

I like to ride my bike.

I like to play with my friends.

Grace and Tom

Grace and Tom went to the dentist to have their teeth checked.  My favorite food is pizza.  My favorite hobby is playing with dolls.  I like to talk and play with my best friend.

23 sty 2012

Zuzia and Woody are playing piano.

16 gru 2011


Tom and I went to breakfast with Santa Claus.

Then we went to get our Christmas tree and bring it to our house.

We went to my friend Lydia's birthday party.  It was fun.

We went to church and had to sing.

I'm sad to see Tom go back to school. I had a great time with him.

7 gru 2011


Tom had a fun weekend.  We celebrated my Pappy's birthday.  Tom got to see an aquarium filled with fish.  Tom got to sleep on a waterbed at Grandma's house.  When we got home we put up our Christmas tree.  Kaydon was sad to see Tom go back to school on Monday.
Kaydon likes to draw.
Kaydon likes to play tag with her best friend.

Azariah and Tom's Vacation on a Disney Cruise Ship

Day 1. Azariah and Tom flew on an airplane to Orlando, Florida.  Their ears hurt :(

Day 2. We got on the ship and had fun exploring.

Day 3 & 4. We were at sea.  We slept on bunk beds.

Day 5. We visted the island of St. Marteen.  It was hot!

Day 6. We explored the island of St. Thomas.  We visited a butterfly farm.

Day. 7 We got back on the ship and were at sea.

Day 8. The small island we visited was so much fun.  It is Castaway Cay. The sand was white.

Day 9. We said good-bye to the Disney ship and characters.

Day 10. We took a plane back home.

We had a great time on vacation.  The only thing Tom did not do was go swimming.  He did not want to get his fur wet.

Your Friend Azariah

22 lis 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

On the 4th Thursday of November we celebrate a holiday called Thanksgiving.  We spend time with our families and have big dinner.  Some of the things we traditionally eat are turkey, mashed or sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, and pumpkin pie.  We are honoring the 3 days of prayer and feasting that was held by the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians in 1621.  They built a town called Plymouth Plantation in what is now the state of Massachusetts. The pilgrims came to the new world from Holland.  They sailed on a ship called the Mayflower.  They were looking for a new place where they could practice their religion.   The Pilgrims and Indians were celebrating a good harvest and the peace between the 2 groups of people.
If you would like to learn more about the Pilgrims and the 1st Thanksgiving you can visit this website:

Tom is on a Cruise

Tom is on a Disney cruise with Azariah.  Hopefully he is taking lots of good pictures that we can share with you.

16 lis 2011


Tom had a quiet weekend with Laken because her brother was sick.  Laken and Tom played with Legos, read stories and watched a cartoon called Sponge Bob.  Laken's favorite food is macaroni and cheese.  Her favorite hobby is dancing.  Laken and her friends play a game called Nature Explores that they made up.


Tom had a fun weekend with Ava.  He went to a costume party dressed as a swimmer.  Ava's favorite food is hot dogs with ketchup.  Her favorite sport is swimming.  Ava likes to jump rope with her friends.

7 lis 2011

5. Can you recognise us?

Juliia has got Woody. There are three Anthonies. One has got the long red pencil. Mathew has got the yellow racquet and Anthony has blue one. The next Anthony is wearing glasses. He has got the English copy book. There are two Oliwias. One has got the bright pink pecil - case. On her left is Susan with fair hair. Cuba has got milk and behind him is Stanislas. Thelastt Oliwia has got an English blue book. Between them is Gniewko who has got green envelope. Adam has got his school bag. Maja is all smiles!

29 paź 2011

3. Happy Halloween

We had a pumpkin decoration contest in the library this week. The sick pumpkin was the winner.

28 wrz 2011

1. Hello!!!

Hello! We are new class 1 b. Woody is ready to start new adventure :-)

25 wrz 2011


New school year 2011/2012


29 maj 2011

Good news.

Woody was given the Polish Passport. Now he can stay in Poland.
We are very happy! Woody, congratulations!!!

24 maj 2011

Mathew and Woody

Few days ago I spent a great weekend with Woody the tiger.

At Saturday we watched TV and played in the garden. Woody played on the slide and swing. He liked best playing football with me and looking at the fish. All the time Woody had a great mood.

Woody likes my tortoise. They spent a lot of time together and stayed friends forever.

At Sunday we had a garden party. We ate meat and salad and I think it was Woody’s favourite food. After that he slept very well all the night.

All my family liked this little tiger a lot and we hope see him again.


31 mar 2011

Tom's Visit at the Lindsay's

Tom rode in his backpack on the walk home from school today.  I introduced him to my Mom and Day who were very excited to be hosting an "exchange bear."  I asked Tom and my Mom if they wanted to play New Super Mario Brothers on the Wii and they both said "yes." Tom watched at first and then took over for my Mom when she went to make dinner.  At dinnertime we sat next to each other.  Tom tried the coleslaw but said he liked honey better.  After dinner Tom and I played Rummi-cub with my Dad. Before bed we watched Spring Wipe-Out and had a snack.  Tom and I had Cherios.  My Dad tucked us each in bed with a book to read.  I slept in the top bunk and Tom slept on the bottom.

Tom was still asleep whe I woke up so I got out of bed quietly and closed the door.  My Mom and I had to wake him up at 8:00.  We were worried that he was hibernating since it had been a cold night.  Tom and I made our own Wipe Out course that included sliding down the stairs on my sleeping bag.  Then Tom took a nap while I ran errands with my Mom.  When we got home we made paintings with markers and water.  After that we had lunch.  Tom asked if he could have some bread and honey and then didn't eat his bread at all, but ate up all of our honey.  In the afternoon I played on the computer.  Tom watched at first and then played too. Later we had Family Game Night.  We played cards games and ate appetizers.  Tom had chicken poppers with honey-mustard sauce.  My Mom tucked us in to bed that night and Tom was too tired to read.

Tome slept in again today, but we knew he would wake up eventually.  He had Cheerios for breakfast and then read the newspaper while we went to church.  After church Tom went bowling with my family and church friends.  I won 1 game and he won 2.  He had honey popcorn.  Later we went to dinner with my Nana and Papa.  Tom sat in a special chair.  He wasn't sure if he liked being belted in, but that bear can be quick and I didn't want him to get lost.

Hannah and Tom

Tom and I sat by the fire.  My Dad and Mom and Logan were there.  We made a craft on Saturday.  It was a bear.  Thank you for letting me take Tom home.
Love Hannah

Tom and Emma

Friday -- March 11

Tom and I came home from school together.  We ate a snack.  We watched TV.  We played for an hour.  Tom and I played with a dog and the dog bit me.  We are going to bed now.  Good Night!

27 mar 2011

Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper

This week we read the book Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper by Cynthia Rylant.  Henry's mother and father are going to a Valentine's Day Sweetheart Dance, and Henry and Mudge are staying with Mrs. Hopper across the street. Henry's never been in Mrs. Hopper's scary, old stone house with its droopy trees and dark windows and gargoyle on the door. But inside, Henry discovers a houseful of surprises -- a grand piano, a room full of costumes, and eleven cats for Mudge to play with!

When we finished the book we got to have a costume day at school.

16 mar 2011

Kian and Tom

All of Kian's ancestors from his dad's side of the family are from Poland.  Both sets of his great grandparents came to the U.S. in 1906.  We were so excited to have a little Polish bear in our home.  Unfortunately the only "Polish" words we know are "Busia" for Kian's grandmother and "Cicia" for Kian's Great Aunt Mary.  Family members call Kian's Dad "Dwa" because he is the second-born child in the family.  We aren't even sure these words are Polish.  But Kian's last name is Majchrowski and we know this in Polish.

We were very happy to host Tom over the weekend.

Tom's Trip to Harper's

Tom met my sister and played pirates with me.  Later we had pizza.  We read a book about princesses.  Tom spent the night with me at my friend Alyssa's house.  He watched us do a jewelry craft.  Tom helped us celebrate my sister Maggie's birthday.  Sunday morning we slept in and then helped Maggie put together her new Lego's and played the piano with me.  He thinks I do a great job!

I really enjoyed Tom's visit to our house and I hope he can return soon!

Paleontologist Day

Last Friday we had dinosaur day.  We dressed like paleontologists and learned about dinosaurs.  We learned how paleontologists dig for bones.  We made bones from clay and our teachers buried them and we got to search for them and dig them up.  Tom was a big help.

25 lut 2011

Tom and Reece

Tom came home on Friday afternoon with Reece.  He played trains in Reece's room.  Later that night Reece and Tom had steak and potatoes for dinner.  After dinner Mom made everyone including Tom clean the house because company was coming the next day.  Then they went off to bed.  Reece introduced Tom to the many stuffed animals on his bed.

Tom and Reese played trains again and watched Thomas the Tank Engive videos.  They went to Reece's sister's soccer game and got to play a little soccer too.  We all came home and waited for our visitor's to arrive.  Once the doorbell rang, Tom got to meet Reece's Grandparents.  Reece and Tom helped Peapop take pictures of Daddy, Emma, and Jillian get ready for the Girl Scout Father/Daughter Dance.  Everyone looked very nice.

Reece and Tom got up early to get ready for church.  After churcy we went to look for new furniture for Reece's room.  Reece was bored but enjoyed sitting on all of the differnt couches and chairs.

Reece was excited to go to school to see all of his Valentines.  Tom stayed home with Mom and watched her do errands.  Once Reece came home he showed everyone his treats and told everyone he was excited that he had no homework.  Reece's Grandparents took everyone to the Fusion Steak House for a Valentine's Dinner.  It was yummy.  Reece and Tom were very excited about the Chef making dinner right in front of them.  The chef tried to throw rice into everyone's mouth!  The Chef missed Reece and everyone laughed.

Reece and Tom are off to school.  The Blair family had fun sharing our weekend with Tom.  We will miss you!

15 lut 2011

Happy Valentine`s Day!

11 lut 2011

Tom's Trip to Braxton's House

Friday -- Feb. 4
Tom rode the bus home with Braxton.  They went to Braxton's NaNa's house and ate chicken nuggets for dinner.  When we came home Tom and Braxton played X-Box 360 and watched wrestling before they went to bed.
Saturday -- Feb. 5
Tom and Braxton slept in on Saturday morning.  When they woke up they had to get ready to watch Baxton's Big Brother Coty wrestley for his middle school tournament.  The whole family cheered for Coty who came in 3rd place.  After the tourmanment we went to Arby's for dinner.  Tom enjoyed Arby's.  Braxton, Tom and the Ernest family went to Walmart to pick up some groceries.
Sunday - Feb. 6
Braxton and Tom woke up on Sunday and watched Special AGen Oso.  They also played basketball.  Braxton and his Mommy read a story about sharks with Tom.  We spent most of the day cleaning up and getting ready for our Super Bowl party.  Tom met the rest of the family.  Tom wore a Packer's and Brown's jersey during the game.  He enjoyed the game and rooted for the Packers with Braxton.  Braxton and Tom fell asleep during the game but woke up just in time to see the Packers win!  Baxton and Tom ate a lot of good food!
We had fun with Tom this weekend.

3 lut 2011

Tom's Visit with Nicole

Tim and Nicole along with Nicole's sister Juliet was picked up from school Friday by their Mom. Tom enjoyed a dinner of chicken wings, rice, and broccoli, one of Nicole's favorite meals.  After dinner Tom, Nicol and her sister and parents went to see the Globetrotters basketball players. Tom watched the Globetrotters spin the balls and make fancy passes.  At night I put pajamas on Tom and he slept with Nicole.

Saturday -- On Saturday Tom and Nicole went to a Chinese New Year Party.  She had ona Chinese dress and Tom wore a Chinese costume too.  We saw many Chinese dancers and ate good food.  At night Tom and Nicole watched a movie with my sister and a babysitter as my parents went out. 

Sunday -- Tom and I went to gymnastics with my sister and cousins in the morning.  We played games and went to the grocery store with Daddy in the afternoon.  We had egg rolls, rice and salad, yum!  Tom and I and my sister and neighborhood friends also played Xbox Kinect, we played some games and then read some books and went to bed.  I had fun with Tom and will miss him he is gone.

20 sty 2011

Tom and Jake

Tom rode the bus home with Jake and met his bear named Gary.  Tom went to Jake's hockey practice.  Jake showed Tom all of his toys and Wii games.  Jake took a lot of pictures with Tom, his sister, Julie, his 2 dogs Lulu and Lucy. Tom watched the Steeler football game with Jake and his parents.

Tom sat with Jake while he ate his favorite dinner of turkey and potatoes.  We went bowling.  Tom went with Jake and Julie to spend the night at his Grandparents house.  They played on the computer.  Monday there was no school because we were celebrating Martin Luther King Day. We went to eat at McDonalds with Grandma.

5 sty 2011

Spending the Holidays with Tom

Tom met my dog Snow and they liked each other.  Tom sat by my Christmas tree and he liked that too.  Tom wanted to know how soon Christmas Eve was coming because he likes seeing people and opening the presents.  We had snow on Christmas.  Tom wondered if it snowed in Poland too.  Tom was very excited about Christmas.  He even tried to open my presents.

3 sty 2011

Woody and Mrs Krystyna

Woody spent his Christmas time with Mrs Krystyna. He learned singing Polish carols.
Have a look!

He helped me to prepare Wigilia which is the traditional Christmas Eve vigil supper in Poland, held on December 24.

It was a fantastic Happy New Year! He visited the most important Lodz square – Manufaktura!

After Christmas time Woody tried to be in good form. So the best way to do it was Nordic walking!